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What is Video Ladder?

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We Maximize Your Business Relationships Using Video

Simple video instructions for non-video professionals

Create videos using
only your phone
No need to buy
expensive equipment
Access templates to
speed up the process
Shortcuts help you
create videos faster
Watch, Learn,
Create, and Grow
Access what you need,
when you need it

"I don't understand video"

"I'll never feel comfortable on camera"

"I'd love to, but I can't afford it"

"I wish I could, but I don't have time"

We understand.

Video Ladder was designed for you.

Not video hobbyists (who have the time).
Not production companies (who have the expensive gear).

For you.

Business Vlogger
Shaking Hands in Front of a Camera

Video Ladder Philosophy

You should be working on your business, not ours. Any community focused on keeping you inside their portal as long as possible is in it for them. We designed this site to be the anti-time waster.

You're busy. Your time is short. Think of us as an ever-growing, interactive resource that you visit whenever you need assistance. You gather what you need, learn it, and then leave to apply it to your brand. We'll see you again when you're on the next step of your journey.

Filming a Fitness Video

We Leveled the Playing Field For You

You have to get your name out there, but you don't have a lot of money to spend. That's why we specifically designed this site to support you and keep you competitive.

If you have a small budget and a lot of competitors, you now have video capabilities.

Health Services

Fitness Centers/Gyms

Athletic/Sports Centers

Wellness Centers


Physical Therapists

Doctor's Offices


Dance/Yoga Studios


Spas & Massage

Dojos & Karate Clubs

Health-Oriented MLMs

Local Services

Internal Marketers


Local Grocery Stores

Day Care Centers

Animal Shelters

Repair Shops

Local Auto Dealers

Cleaning Services

Apartment Complexes

Senior Centers

Home Improvement


Advisor Services

Financial Advisors

Financial Services

Local Banks

Real Estate Brokers



Insurance Agents

Insurance Agencies

Management Companies



Religious Institutions

No matter where you're starting at.
No matter what you've tried already.
No matter what...

You can generate more money for
your business creating videos that actually get watched.

Man Using a Tablet

Getting Started is Simple

1. Click the



3. make MORE MONEY

 Young Woman Contemplating

Still Unsure About Creating Video Stories?

We created this site because there were no other options out there for you.

We know. We talk to small businesses daily.

  • The small business, solopreneur, independent agent, coach, consultant, and advisor are often hurt with video. Why? If you pay too little you get a video that sits on a website and doesn't do anything for you. If you pay too much, you get a higher quality video without additional funds to afford marketing support or future projects. One-and-done videos without any plan forward is the death of small business videos. Chances are this is what you've already experienced.

  • One of the biggest buzzwords in marketing and video is storytelling. But who needs to hear your story? How are they going to hear it or see it? What actions do they take once they know it? Why is your story important to them? These are all areas that are usually forgotten when videos are produced. Or worse, they're squeezed into some marketing plan after your video is already completed without a second thought to video purpose.

  •  Current video content focuses on technique and speak to hobbyists, freelancers, video/film companies, and others already in the industry. They don't explain video in business terms, or how to create videos in a business setting with the equipment you have available to you; your phones, computers, and tablets. Your lamps, windows, and maybe a ring light. 


Most video companies wish they could help you, but they can't afford to. This site is here so you don't spend money on videos that don't work, go broke in the process, or try to figure it out on your own through trial and error. You have too many other things to do with your time.

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