It's December! Since the World Cup has never been played in December, until this year, let's let Team USA soccer/football help us close out the year with some last minute lessons on grit. Business, like soccer, is a game of back and forth. At times, the team looked crisp, passing and moving as one cohesive unit. They found open lanes and beat their opponents there. (How do you beat out your competition?) Other times they were on their heels, trying with everything to stay alive. When one teammate didn't do the best job, others picked him up. (How can you help your teammates or how can they help you?) It's not always pretty and most of us don't see how much determination you have behind-the-scenes. Like Team USA, you're in the final grind. Let's finish the year strong and give it our all... and aim for the best outcome.

  • What have you completed that you should be really proud of?

  • What can you build off of and keep momentum going?

  • Where are you on your heels and just need to keep digging in?

  • What lessons did you learn when things didn't go as planned?

  • What do you still need to achieve in order to make this year a win?

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As we celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow, I want to offer my sincere gratitude to you for being a part of my life. Whether we've talked once or one hundred thousand times, I'm in this exact moment because of those interactions.

Our conversations and your stories prove there is much more good in this world than we're constantly being shown. Your positivity and kindness energize me.

There is also a relaxed energy at Thanksgiving that doesn't always happen around Christmas. Sometimes we can get lost in the gifts and gift-giving, but Thanksgiving is more about time spent with loved ones.

That's why tomorrow is a day I look forward to all year - and I hope you do too.

Try and take a moment between the second helping of mashed potatoes and (fingers crossed) a Detroit Lions' win to reflect on all of the wonderful things in your life.

May this Thanksgiving weekend shower you with happiness, memories, and room on your plate for dessert. Belts are optional.

Go Lions!

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Books provide the key to the future. It's no coincidence that whenever I make the most progress it's because I'm learning while I'm doing.

Since we're only a week away from Thanksgiving, I wanted to take a quick moment to thank a couple people who've recommended books that have opened my mind to new ideas, insights, and perspectives. I suggest you grab these books and connect with these incredible people.

Dan Lewis - thank you for Uniqueing Your Brand (Jeff Jochum). This was the perfect time to re-evaluate everything. Every day I'm a little more polished because of you and your guidance.

Brandon Neely - thank you for Profit First (Mike Michalowicz). The audiobook changed my perspective so much I purchased the physical copy to make notes in. I also have a few extra copies to send as gifts.


Separately, a very special shout out to Mark J. Carter. Mark's first book Idea Climbing is live today! If you've ever had a big idea and aren't sure how to put the pieces in place to get it to completion, this book will show you how to create the support system.

Mark has shared so much of his knowledge with me over the past few years that I want you to be the first to have access to Idea Climbing. You can check it out through this link.

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